Causes the urinary system disease to recur the reason, does anybody know

1. Complicated infection pathways

Urinary tract infection is divided into upper urinary tract infection and lower urinary tract infection. The causes of infection are complex and diverse. The male urethra is long and the urethra is narrow in diameter. In addition, the rate of cross - infection increased with the increase of compound infection in urogenital infection.

Causes the urinary system disease to recur the reason, does anybody know

2. Misunderstanding

Experts point out that many male friends are too busy at work to cut down on the amount of water they drink, leading to insufficient urine to flush out the urethra and bladder bacteria in time. Others choose private clinics or take so-called folk remedies because they are embarrassed. They even buy their own medicine on the basis of some common medical knowledge. All of these have increased the difficulty of the treatment of the disease to varying degrees, causing repeated episodes of infection.

3. Improper treatment

To cure the disease of urinary infection, it is necessary to have a scientific approach to the disease, and to open up the channels in the urogenital system. Although simple drug therapy can eliminate the swelling of local organs in a short period of time and temporarily relieve the pain, once the drug is stopped, there will be relapse, which is also the reason for the recurrence and recurrence of urinary infection. Therefore, comprehensive treatment of the disease should be insisted.