What does Human chorionic gonadotropin dilution less than 1050 mean?

  Blood HCG value <1050 accompanied by nausea and vomiting, had normal sex life during ovulation, did not take contraceptive measures, now more than menstrual period does not come, is considered to be pregnant. Elevated blood HCG and some early pregnancy reactions can occur in early pregnancy. It is recommended to check the blood HCG the next day, and the blood HCG doubles the next day. If the blood HCG doubles normally, color ultrasound examination can be performed around 40 days after menopause to confirm whether it is an intrauterine pregnancy.

  According to test results look numerical value is not high, not pregnant, is HCG pregnancy reaction index, numerical rise suggests that pregnancy, your value is not high, suggested that continue to observe the menstruation situation can normally menstruation delay 3-7 days is normal, the cause that causes menstruation delay and emotional tension, work and study pressure changes in living environment endocrine disorders and certain drugs, etc.

  Is HCG dilution less than 1050 pregnant? In general, if detection of HCG dilution value is less than 1050 is likely to be not pregnant, this time you need to do a detailed inspection to determine, can wait a little time to do it again check, if the body is the development of embryo, at this time, is very easy to check out, if not is not pregnant, don't need to be worried.

  Dilution HCG value and HCG value difference, dilute HCG value and HCG value objectively the difference there is no difference, everyone should know the time early check HCG value mainly determine whether pregnant, or belong to the normal pregnancy check, the HCG value will be as the growth of the pregnant women of pregnancy time lengthened and continuously rise, rise after the blood concentration of HCG value will increase, so in the later do HCG value check when they are certainly dilution, because the concentration is too high, will also affect the value of HCG test results.

  Through above, I believe you have awareness of HCG dilution is less than 1050 pregnancy and no dilution HCG value and HCG value difference between the two problems, if you want to know if you get pregnant you can use a pregnancy test, is the most accurate and convenient, in the presence of a hospital checking index are more likely to look not to understand, so need to consult a doctor after finish checking.