Heparin sodium has good effect in lowering blood lipid and immunity

  Heparin sodium is a very strong anticoagulant effect, which can be used to prevent and treat the spread or metastasis of tumors and other diseases. It is also commonly used in clinical medicine to treat or prevent the formation of bleeding, cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, skin diseases, blood embolism, etc., in patients with kidney disease, and can be used in combination with the treatment of explosive cerebral septicemia. Heparin sodium is also very effective in lowering blood lipid and immunity.

  And heparin sodium can be widely used beauty, skin care, cosmetics and other industries, just because for the moment, heparin sodium is expensive, our country's level of economic development and people's life condition is limited, the use of heparin sodium space and quantity is not big, only as the arrangement of the export, are exported to overseas, exported to the United States, Japan and South Korea, Europe and other developed economies.

  Heparin as a key variety of polysaccharides, it includes heparin sodium, potassium, magnesium and other salts. Heparin sodium produced in Our country can be exported to Japan, Germany, Europe and the United States and other countries because of its low price and excellent quality. It is one of the very few medicines and preparations that can earn more than 10 million yuan in foreign exchange in Our country.

  Heparin sodium can be divided into crude products and high-quality goods. Crude products, as the name implies, have a relatively simple process of production and processing, with unlimited production scale and high profit. The main indexes of crude heparin sodium were determined by their appearance and titer, which were generally white powder with titer between 80 and 120u/mg.

  Heparin sodium was originally extracted from the liver of animals by an American medical student under the guidance of his tutor, who named it heparin, a water-insoluble lipid-soluble phospholipid anticoagulant. Later, my supervisor proposed another water-soluble polysaccharide anticoagulant from the liver of animals, but it was still named heparin.

  Heparin, which has the word "liver" in its name, is found in animal livers, but not just in them. It is produced and released by mast cells in many animal tissues, including the lungs, heart, liver, small intestine and muscles. However, in many organs, heparin molecules extracted from pig intestine are the closest to human molecular structure. Moreover, China's pig farming industry is very developed, and the supply of pig intestine is extensive and it is easier to ensure the freshness of goods, so it is the main source of heparin sodium nowadays.

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