Gonadotropin check what

  Gonadotropins (gonadotropins) produced from the pituitary gland of animals have been widely used in animal husbandry and aquaculture, but they are not effective for human beings. HCG can be made from the urine of pregnant women, or the mixed preparation of LH and FSH can be extracted from the urine of menopausal women, referred to as human menopausal gonadotropin (HMG), which can be used for the treatment of sexual dysfunction. HCG can appear in the urine at the early stage of pregnancy and peak at the second month of pregnancy, which is often used as a pregnancy indicator in clinic.

  A symptom of hypogonadotropin

  First of all, female friends if gonadotropin is low, chromosomes will appear abnormal, that is to say, ovarian function will be underdeveloped, will cause genital and mammary gland underdevelopment, which will give female friends later pregnancy caused a great impact.

  Next, still can cause the phenomenon that some female friend appears amenorrhea, some female friend that gonadotropin is low can compare normal female short in figure, lack even secondary sex characteristic, still have very individual female friend to be able to cause the circumstance that intelligence is inferior or heart and kidney appear deformity.

  Finally, the female friend that is pregnant still can appear after the human hair gonadotropin is low circumstance, the occurrence of this kind of circumstance must cause attention, if too low word, cause miscarriage or the occurrence of ectopic pregnancy possibly.

  Do not need to treat normally, need to develop good life habit only, ensure sufficient sleep and nutrition every day, the endocrine that pays close attention to the body all the time is ok.

  Gonadotropin check is actually check the condition of pregnancy, in the absence of pregnant women is used to detect the problem of chromosome, if gonadotropin value too low will let the smaller the chance of pregnancy, pregnant possibility is reduced, so, if it is not easy to find themselves pregnant with child, might as well go to a hospital be being checked, take a look at where the problem is.