Heparin sodium boutique you know? Heparin sodium manufacturers to answer

  1. Drug category: anticoagulant drugs and thrombolytic drugs

  2. Properties: it is a colorless or light yellow clear liquid.

  3. Pharmacology: Because this product has the physical and chemical properties of strong negative charge, it can interfere with many links of the blood coagulation process, and it has the anticoagulant effect on the body surface. Its mechanism is complex, mainly through and antithrombin Ⅲ (AT - Ⅲ), and enhance the latter to activate Ⅱ, Ⅸ, Ⅹ, Ⅺ and Ⅻ clotting factor of resistance. The results involved blocking platelet aggregation and destruction, and blocking the formation of thrombin-activating enzyme. Preventing prothrombin from becoming prothrombin; It resists thrombin, thereby preventing fibrinogen from becoming fibrin.

Heparin sodium boutique you know? Heparin sodium manufacturers to answer

  Precautions for using heparin sodium cream

  1. When applying heparin sodium cream, the affected area should be fully massages to promote drug absorption. In case of rash, redness, etc., the drug should be stopped, and the local drugs should be washed clean, and consult the doctor if necessary.

  2. Heparin sodium cream should be used with caution in pregnant and lactating women.

  3. Heparin sodium cream is contraindicated for patients with hemorrhagic disease or burn.

  4. Heparin sodium cream should not be applied in a long-term and large area.

  5. Heparin sodium cream must be applied to children under adult supervision.