What is follicle stimulating hormone?

  Follicle stimulating hormone (FSH) is a hormone secreted by basophil cells in the anterior pituitary gland. Follicle stimulating hormone can promote the proliferation and differentiation of follicle granulosa cells and promote the growth of the whole ovary. And its effect on testicular convoluted fine tubule can promote sperm formation.

  Follicle stimulating hormone is secreted pulsatively in the body and changes with the menstrual cycle in women. The determination of serum follicle-stimulating hormone is of great significance in understanding pituitary endocrine function, indirectly understanding the functional status of hypothalamus and ovary, predicting the time of ovulation, infertility and the diagnosis and treatment of endocrine diseases.

  Normal reference range for follicle stimulating hormone

  Male: 1 ~ 7U/L.

  Women: follicular stage: 1 ~ 9U/L, ovulation stage: 6 ~ 260U/L, luteal stage: 1 ~ 9U/L, menopause: 30 ~ 118U/L.

  If follicle stimulating hormone is high, prompt and effective treatment is needed to prevent further decline in ovarian function. When the treatment, the first clear cause, according to the cause of the corresponding treatment. Because ovarian premature failure, need to carry on to promote ovarian function treatment. Adjust with small dose hormone, cooperate with Chinese traditional medicine and diet to undertake recuperation and treatment, make ovarian restores ovulation cycle, in the process of follicle development, mature, eduction, restore the ability of ovarian self to secrete estrogen.

  Low follicle-stimulating hormone can be treated with drugs and daily conditioning, commonly used drugs such as bromocriptine, deer fetal cream and vitamin E. Follicle-stimulating hormone is low will affect pregnancy, mainly affecting the maturation of follicles, follicles can not mature, affect pregnancy, different periods of endocrine conditions are not the same, it is recommended in the second to fifth day of menstruation to the hospital to draw blood to check endocrine conditions, clear diagnosis.

  Any body hormone is too high and too low is not good, in the normal situation can be treated to restore hormone values, through diet and normal life to regulate their own physical health.