What are the effects of ulinastatin

  1. Inhibitory effect of ulinastatin: ulinastatin has a very good inhibitory effect with tissue trypsin specificity, trypsin, and granulocyte ductile trypsin, which can reasonably eliminate the damage of hydrolase to tissue cells.

  2. Anti-infective effect: ulinastatin has anti-infective cytokines, which can release lysosomal enzymes reasonably, and has a stable effect on monocytes, so it can have anti-inflammatory effect.

  3. Effect of promoting blood circulation: ulinastatin can also have the effect of promoting blood circulation. The key is that the heart can inhibit the conversion of inflammatory cytokines into, reasonably reduce the conversion of kinin into, and have certain improvement effect against metabolic abnormalities.

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  Ulinastatin as a body anti-infection treatment drug, it not only for the above many levels has a quite large effect, and its application scope is relatively wide, for the treatment of burns, unarmed cardiopulmonary resuscitation, sepsis and more serious multiple injuries have a very good therapeutic effect. What needs to be noted is that it is better to go to the hospital immediately for medical treatment if there is a poor response after the patient's friend takes the medicine.