To quickly learn about urokinase

  Urokinase an enzyme protein isolated from the urine of a healthy person or obtained from human kidney tissue culture. Can be direct effects on endogenous fibrinolysis system, can into fibrinolytic enzyme catalytic cracking fibrinolytic enzyme, which can not only degradation of fibrin clot, also can degrade fibrinogen in blood, and clotting factor Ⅴ and blood coagulation factor Ⅷ etc, so as to play a role of thrombolysis. Urokinase has a quick and good effect on newly formed thrombosis, and can also improve the activity of vascular ADP enzyme, inhibit adp-induced platelet aggregation, and prevent thrombosis. After intravenous infusion, the fibrinolytic activity in the patient's body was significantly increased, and the fibrinolytic activity returned to its original level several hours after the drug was discontinued.

  The prospect of urokinase application

  At present, urokinase has been well applied in the medical field and is widely used, and it is expected to develop more functions. It will get different results with different drugs, and it is expected to contribute to the synthesis of drugs. It has great potential value in the development of new drugs, and is easy to obtain and has many sources.