Progesterone and human chorionic which important

  Generally speaking, progesterone and human chorionic membrane will promote gonadal hormone, according to the medical record of progesterone and human chorionic membrane index data to diagnose early female pregnancy, and pregnancy is normal, so have very important significance and reference value. As to which is more important, it is to need to pass a doctor's specific examination after, according to individual constitution will define which is more particular. But in the medical significance of both are equally important, the help to the human body is complementary, indispensable.

  The following are specific differences in terms of significance and impact:

  Progesterone is the main progesterone with biological activity secreted by ovary. Before ovulation, the amount of progesterone produced per day is 2 to 3mg, mainly from the ovaries. After ovulation, it rises to 20-30mg per day, most of which is secreted by the corpus luteum in the ovary. Progesterone can protect a woman's endometrium. During a woman's pregnancy, progesterone hormone can provide support and protection for the early growth and development of the fetus, and can have a certain calming effect on the uterus.

  Whether progesterone drugs affect the fetus depends on several aspects: the nature of the drug, the dose of the drug, the gestational week of injection. Progesterone is the drug to protect the fetus, the progesterone used to protect the fetus is natural, not synthetic. Natural progesterone can be used to protect the fetus, as long as the progesterone hormone is lower than normal, and strictly follow the doctor's instructions, then the fetus is not a problem.