So follicle stimulating hormone is on the high side, how should recuperate?

  Follicle stimulating hormone (FSH), together with luteinizing hormone, is called gonadotropin. It can promote the development and maturation of follicles and promote the secretion of estrogen together with luteinizing hormone.

  In general, it is 1.37 -- 9.9u /L at the follicular stage, 6.17 -- 17.2u /L at the ovulation stage, 1.09 -- 9.2u /L at the luteal stage, and 19.3 -- 100.6u /L at the menopause.

  So follicle stimulating hormone is on the high side, how should recuperate?

  High levels of follicle-stimulating hormone (FSH) can lead to premature ovarian failure, which in turn can lead to amenorrhea in women. As a result of ovarian function decline and the occurrence of persistent amenorrhea and genital atrophy, often gonadotropin levels rise and estrogen decline, clinical manifestations accompanied by varying degrees of hot flashes and sweating, vaginal dryness, libido decline and other pre - and post-menopausal symptoms.

  Therefore, it is recommended that if women want to have a baby as soon as possible, they can adopt the method of ivf to carry out pregnancy.

  Women in the ovulation period, can appropriately take some drugs to stimulate ovulation to improve the hormone level in the body, and properly adhere to exercise, maintain a good state of mind, is conducive to the recovery of the hormone level in the body. Ulaibao suggests relaxing during pregnancy and continuously monitoring the development of follicles under the guidance of a doctor to determine the quality of eggs and sperm so as to achieve good birth and good breeding.

  If the value is not too high, it can be adjusted by the way of dietary conditioning and treatment. In terms of diet, you can choose to eat more nutritious dairy products and soy products, meat food should also be appropriate to eat, if the digestive ability is not very good, it is recommended to eat more fish and stew food.