Heparin sodium has become an important resource favored by global downstream manufacturers

  Heparin is widely found in various mammalian organs and tissues, such as intestinal mucosa, duodenum, lungs, liver, heart, pancreas and blood. Most of the foreign medicinal heparin sodium is extracted from the lungs of pigs and cattle. In China, the small intestine of pigs is rich in resources, and the intestinal mucosa is the waste from the production of casings. The heparin content is also high, and the lung fluid consistency is large, and resin adsorption is difficult, so it is used to extract from the small intestine

  Heparin sodium is the most effective and most clinically used anticoagulant drug in the world, which should be mainly used in the treatment of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases and hemodialysis. Among them, heparin sodium is the only effective specific drug in hemodialysis treatment. Clinical application and studies have shown that heparin has a variety of other biological activities and clinical USES in addition to anticoagulant effect, including the effect of lowering blood lipid, anti-proliferation of mesenchymal smooth muscle cells (SMC), promoting fibrinolysis and so on.

Heparin sodium has become an important resource favored by global downstream manufacturers

  Due to the large amount of impurity protein, impurity nucleic acid, microorganism and other impurities in the intestinal mucosa, heparin with complete natural structure groups can be directionally obtained through physical and chemical extraction and separation process, so as to make heparin API. Heparin sodium API is the only active ingredient of standard heparin preparation and the starting point for the production of low molecular weight heparin raw materials. Currently, heparin preparation is only used in clinic according to the way of injection administration, which makes heparin API need to have high purity to ensure the safety of the preparation. Pig slaughter quantity more than 50% of the world, China has the world's rich raw material resources, heparin in China is the world's raw heparin and heparin API's main producers, is the world's biggest exporter of heparin API with American FDA certificate or the CEP certification standard heparin raw material medicine is presented in short supply situation, to become the world the important resources in the downstream production enterprises favor.

  As a biological engineering project, heparin sodium extracted from pig intestine belongs to the high-tech industry, which conforms to the policy and policy of XX government to vigorously develop the high-tech industry. It plays a driving role in the upgrading of XX's high-tech industry and can improve XX's position in the country as a high-tech industrial base. In addition, the extraction of heparin sodium is a kind of high and new technology in the middle reaches, which has a great pulling effect on the upstream and downstream of the industrial chain. For the upstream of this industry, we can develop and drive pig breeding and slaughtering, and also drive the development of agricultural sideline, and will create hundreds of thousands of jobs, it can also be practical.

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