The sealing method and technique of heparin sodium

  Rapid infusion and sealing method of heparin sodium infusion device: at the end of infusion, the liquid in the infusion device was directly used, and the infusion device regulator was adjusted to the maximum size, with the infusion of 3 ~ 4ml for a time of 60s[1]. As the liquid level continues to drop, place the extension tube at the end of the needle in both hands. After double folding, clip into the closing clip, and avoid squeezing the extension tube on the side of the needle to reduce the chance of blood reflux. Finally, remove the cephalic needle.

The sealing method and technique of heparin sodium

  Infusion extrusion tube sealing method: at the end of the infusion, the infusion of the regulator to maximum, will Pierce heparin cap in the infusion scalp needle to pull out two-thirds, and then fixed needle handle, ready to pull out the needle, the other will infusion mau thin dropper upper impreaaion nip, and extrusion mau thin dropper, make the liquid quickly into the blood vessels of the bottom of alum thin dropper about 3 ~ 5 ml, extend the iv tube on the small clip near the interface end Y clip, and then pull out the scalp needle.

  Heparin injector sealing tube method directly: when the infusion is finished, close the infusion of regulator, separate the needles and heparin cap, disinfection heparin cap, with smoke tube sealing fluid within the syringe to Pierce the heparin cap directly to slowly push note 5 ~ 8 ml tube sealing fluid, and then quickly stop pushing 2 ~ 3 ml 1 s, 2 ~ 3 times repeatedly, finally pushed residue while cant refund needles to heparin cap, another note 1 ~ 2 ml of liquid seal tube, make it full of the lumen and heparin cap cavity, and then extend the iv tube near the small clip on Y interface terminal clamp, remove the needle.

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