High levels of follicle-stimulating hormone

  Whether be male or female, can appear likely to stimulate follicle to produce hormone to be tall, but how should appear this kind of phenomenon? So what are the reasons for the high levels of follicle-stimulating hormone?

  1. The reason why women are high in follicle-stimulating hormone

  (1) about 1/4 of patients with hyperprolactinemia are caused by pituitary tumors, some of which may be caused by hypothalamus, pituitary dysfunction, hypothyroidism, renal insufficiency and other malignant tumors. Chest wall injury and drug effects.

  (2) an increase in follicular stimulating hormone (FSH) prior to ovulation is seen in poi. After gonadectomy, hyperfsh may indicate that your ovaries are diseased, which may be due to ovarian dysplasia or ovarian dysfunction, as a result of ovarian development or amenorrhea.

  2. Reasons for high follicle-stimulating hormone in men

  (1) in men, vas deferens and spermatogenesis are often regulated by FSH. Levels of FSH are usually elevated in patients with azoospermia and oligospermia. An increase in FSH suggests that there may be some abnormalities in the testis.

  (2) also seen in primary testicular failure and tubular hypoplasia, starvation, renal failure, hyperthyroidism, and cirrhosis.