Heparins Manufacturer tells people that heparin is the most effective anticoagulant

  Heparins Manufacturer says that heparin is currently the most effective anticoagulant drug in the world with the largest clinical usage, and is mainly used in the treatment of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases and hemodialysis, among which it is the only effective drug in hemodialysis. Clinical applications and studies have shown that, in addition to its anticoagulant effect, heparin also has a variety of other biological activities and clinical uses, including reducing blood lipid, anti-proliferation of SMC smooth muscle cells (SMC), and promoting fibrinolysis of SMC. In addition, low molecular weight heparin is a large class of antithrombotic drugs processed from heparin as raw material step by step, which has a wider range of clinical applications and has become the preferred drug for the treatment of acute venous thrombosis and acute coronary syndrome (angina pectoris, myocardial infarction) and other diseases.

Heparins Manufacturer tells people that heparin is the most effective anticoagulant

  Heparin is the compound with the most complex molecular structure known in the world so far, which cannot be synthesized artificially in the short term. At present, only heparin derived from the mucosa of pig's small intestine can be used for clinical treatment. The raw material of heparin API is crude heparin, which can only be extracted from the mucosa of the small intestine of healthy pigs. Due to the large amount of impurity protein, impurity nucleic acid, microorganisms and other impurities, heparin with complete natural structural groups should be extracted and separated through the process of physical and chemical extraction, so as to prepare heparin API.

  Heparin sodium API is the only active ingredient of standard heparin preparations and the starting point for the production of low molecular weight heparin raw materials. At present, heparin preparations are only used for clinical use by injection, which requires high purity of heparin API to ensure the medication safety of preparations.

  China is the world's leading producer of crude heparin and heparin API, as well as the world's largest exporter of heparin API. Heparin API certified by the US FDA or the European Union's CEP has been in short supply. It has become an important resource favored by global downstream production enterprises. Heparin Sodium is a mucopolysaccharide sulfate class of anticoagulants. Heparin sodium is extracted from the intestinal mucosa of pigs or cattle amino glucan sulfate sodium salt, is a mucosaccharide substance. In recent years, studies have proved that heparin sodium also has the effect of lowering blood lipid.