How effective is heparin sodium for pregnant women

  Heparin sodium for pregnant women is generally no side effects, the possibility of harmful effects on the fetus is extremely small. The use of heparin during pregnancy can protect the fetus, but also can increase the placenta of a blood circulation, but it should be noted that the doctor must be under the guidance of scientific, regular medication. Fetal protection is generally in the early stages of pregnancy to pay attention to fetal, because the early fetus is not very stable, so in addition to the use of heparin sodium, but also to pay attention to other methods of fetal protection.

  1. Pay attention to recuperation

  Expectant mothers in the early stages of pregnancy should pay attention to sleep, adjust their schedules, and avoid staying up late. And at this time do not have sexual life, the best movement is to take a walk, can walk half an hour or so every day, rise to increase the blood circulation of the body so. If the toilet in your home is not easy to dry, easy water, you can put a non-slip mat, if walking easy to trip up some of the obstacle should be removed. Pay attention to radiation problems, you can wear radiation clothing, to reduce the time in front of the TV, computer. Mothers-to-be who love beauty should also cut down on make-up and opt for mild or maternity products. If there is a pet in the home, it is best to foster in someone else's home, because pregnant women in this period is the largest.

How effective is heparin sodium for pregnant women

  2. Diet and pregnancy protection

  After pregnancy nutrition should be strengthened, scientific, regular balanced diet. At the same time, do not eat some spicy food, animal blood and hot food, including garlic, ginger, pepper, curry, cinnamon, wine, coffee, peach and other food, especially cold food should not eat more. Can supplement some biscuits, nuts, yogurt heat food, and chicken, rabbit meat, eggs, milk and other protein food, to eat fresh vegetables, drink more water, maintain defecate pass.

  3. Be careful not to get sick

  Because the weather is changeable, or every period of time can have a period of time is flu and vertical and horizontal, so ten million should pay attention not to get a cold, because pregnant women can not use medicine at will, so usually want to pay attention to keep warm, reduce to crowd crowded air chaotic place.

  Pregnant women need to pay attention to a lot of places, every day can feel the growth of the fetus bit by bit, so it is important to pay attention, try to avoid unexpected situations. And to regularly go to the hospital to have a birth, and keep a good mood, which is also helpful to protect the fetus. After the early stages of pregnancy, the fetus is generally stable.