The clinical application of dermal sulfate is briefly described

  1 prevention and treatment of coronary heart disease, heart Bai colic, myocardial infarction DU death, coronary atherosclerosis, myocardial ischemia and other diseases zhi diseases

  Can prevent and cure coronary heart disease effectively. It can effectively remove or reduce lipids such as fat deposited on artery and vein walls, significantly reduce plasma cholesterol, and thus prevent the formation of atherosclerosis, coronary heart disease, angina pectoris, myocardial infarction, coronary atherosclerosis, myocardial ischemia and other diseases.

  (1) Anti-atherosclerosis and anti-atherogenic plaque formation in experimental arteriosclerosis model;

  (2) Increased atherosclerotic coronary artery branching or collateral circulation;

  (3) To accelerate the healing, regeneration and repair of myocardial necrosis or degeneration caused by experimental coronary atherosclerosis or embolization.

The clinical application of dermal sulfate is briefly described

  2 treatment of osteoarthritis

  Patients with knee and leg tibia OA and aggressive osteoarthritis (EOA) were randomly divided into groups, treated by oral CS or partial APPLICATION of DS ointment, evaluated by Lequesne's Index score (AFI), Western Ontario University and McMaster University OA standard (WOMAC) and SF-36 questionnaire, combined with VAS, walking time and radiological observation.

  Oral DS can reduce OA pain, improve knee function, reduce the progression of joint erosion, and is an effective drug for the treatment of OA.

  In comparison with non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAID), it was found that CS had a mild effect and had fewer side effects in long-term use.

  Treatment for psoriasis

  DS was used to treat knee OA patients with moderate and severe psoriasis, and it was found that the patients' skin swelling was reduced, peeling and itching were alleviated, skin softening was increased, and psoriasis symptoms were significantly improved. Histopathology showed a reduction in epidermal thickness, ki-67 keratinocyte number, and thickness between basal layer and granular layer, suggesting that DS has therapeutic effect on psoriasis.

  4 other

  CS can treat oral mucosal ulcer, interstitial cystitis, Teitze syndrome (costal chondroitis) and migraine, with satisfactory clinical efficacy.