Enoxaparin sodium is introduced in detail on the effects of enoxaparin sodium on pregnant women

  Enoxaparin sodium, also known as heparin, is used to treat and prevent a wide variety of conditions, including deep vein congestion, unstable angina pectoris, and pulmonary embolism. Pregnant women are a relatively unique group of people, especially in the level of taking medicine, must not be casual, need to take medicine under the doctor's advice, otherwise it may affect the child's normal growth and development. So can pregnant women take enoxaparin sodium? The following enoxaparin sodium factory home Kowloon medicine will be for you to carry out a detailed introduction!

  I. Scope of application

  Prevention of venous thromboembolism (prevention of venous thrombosis), very often associated with orthopaedic or gastrointestinal surgery.

  Treatment of existing deep vein occlusion, with or without pulmonary embolism, is not clinically significant and does not include pulmonary embolism requiring surgical treatment or thrombolytic therapy.

  For treatment of asymmetric angina pectoris and non-Q-wave myocardial infarction, it is Shared with aspirin.

  It is used for blood analysis during hemoperfusion to avoid thrombosis.

Enoxaparin sodium is introduced in detail on the effects of enoxaparin sodium on pregnant women

  Ii. Usage and Usage:

  During the treatment period of deep vein thrombosis:

  Enoxaparin should be replaced with an internal anticoagulant as soon as possible unless taboo. Enoxaparin treatment should last no more than 10 days, including the time required to achieve the effect of internal anticoagulant therapy, unless it is not possible to achieve the target (see 4.4 Part of frequently asked questions: platelet assay). Therefore, internal anticoagulants should be applied as soon as possible.

  Treatment of asymmetric angina pectoris and non-Q-wave myocardial infarction:

  Enoxaparin is strongly recommended for subcutaneous injection of 100 per dose

  AxaIU/kg, administered every 12 hours, should be used with aspirin (highly recommended dosage: minimum load dosage: 160Mg, then 75 to 325 mg taken internally once a day

  ). The normal course of treatment is 2 to 8 days until the clinical manifestations are stable.

  For blood analysis during hemoperfusion to avoid thrombosis:

  It is strongly recommended to use 100

  Axa IU/kg. For hemodialysis patients with a bleeding tendency of aspect ratio, the drug should be reduced, i.e., enoxaparin 50 should be given in the unilateral vascular channel

  Axa IU/kg or 75Axa on one side of the vascular channel

  IU/kg. Enoxaparin sodium should be administered in the vascular channels at the beginning of the blood analysis. The efficacy time of the medicine used is generally 4 hours. However, when free fatty acid rings are present, another 50 to 100 AxaIU/kg should be given.

  Take medicine during pregnancy and lactation


  There is no direct evidence of enoxaparin fetal malformation in clinical trials.

  Since none of the teratogenicity is found in small animals, no similar effect is expected in the population. At present, it has been confirmed that substances that have the effect of fetal malformation in humans have the effect of fetal malformation in small animals.

  At the present stage, there is not enough clinical data and information to confirm the possible fetal malformation or toxic effects of enoxaparin during pregnancy.

  Enoxaparin is not strongly recommended as a preventive regimen during pregnancy.

  Subarachnoid anesthesia or epidural anesthesia should not be performed during the treatment with LMWH.

  In humans, there is no direct evidence of a placental barrier and this product should only be used by women during pregnancy if a doctor deems it necessary.


  Because it is impossible to carry out the digestive tract absorption of this product under normal circumstances, there is no taboo to apply enoxaparin for treatment during lactation.

  However, during lactation, nursing should be terminated when this product is accepted for medical treatment.