Enoxaparin sodium Note: use and dosage should be careful

  Some patients because is to help others get medicine or simply do not know what is it about, also don't see in heparin sodium instruction, and then began to medicine at random, the result can be known, or volume is used in accordance with heparin, but did not understand the points for attention, have adverse consequences, so here small make up to give everybody introduction is depends on how to use heparin and matters needing attention.

  Introduction of enoxaparin sodium dosage and usage

  Enoxaparin is usually injected with a doctor's help, so you don't have to worry too much about the side effects of enoxaparin. If you don't have a doctor's help, you need to know how much and how to use enoxaparin.

  Proper usage: hypodermic injection. Before injection, the excessive enoxaparin sodium should be excluded from the syringe to prevent the presence of bubbles in the syringe.

  Dose interpretation: enoxaparin sodium injection contains 10,000 Axa IU per milliliter, equivalent to 100mg of low-molecular-weight heparin sodium;

  Dosage: once a day for 150Axa IU/kg in a single injection and twice for 100 Axa IU/kg in a single injection.

  Wrong Method: Intramuscular injection is prohibited.

Enoxaparin sodium Note: use and dosage should be careful

  Enoxaparin sodium note introduction

  You should already know the indications for enoxaparin sodium. In addition, enoxaparin sodium is very effective in protecting the fetus, but it is not suitable for use even in the indications if patients have the following conditions:

  1. Renal insufficiency and liver insufficiency: the use of enoxaparin sodium in these two groups of patients should be examined and evaluated; otherwise, enoxaparin sodium should not be used;

  2, gastrointestinal ulcers, lumbar puncture, retinal vascular diseases, not to use this drug;

  3. Enoxaparin sodium is a drug to increase blood flow, so it cannot be used in combination with drugs to increase blood clotting function, and it is not suitable for taking this drug after bleeding in vivo, brain and spinal cord surgery;

  4. Drug price: The price of enoxaparin sodium is not unique and fluctuates according to the dosage and quantity of the drug;

  Actually still have a few attentive matters are a doctor to come out according to experience of go to a doctor for many years, do not say on instruction book, so when getting medicine, must pay attention to listen to the doctor's suggestion, use medicine according to doctor entrust.