Jiulong Medicine introduces the correct method of enoxaparin sodium injection

  Clinically, if a drug is used incorrectly, not only will not play the efficacy of the drug, but also may cause serious adverse reactions, so the application of the drug will be strictly required, in accordance with the correct use of the drug. Next, we will introduce the injection usage of enoxaparin sodium in the following to deepen the attention of the correct usage of the drug.

  Let's introduce enoxaparin sodium first. Enoxaparin sodium is a class of antithrombotic drugs. Its active ingredient enoxaparin is a kind of low molecular weight heparin.

Jiulong Medicine introduces the correct method of enoxaparin sodium injection

  The clinical medication data showed that enoxaparin sodium was mainly suitable for the prevention of venous thromboembolic diseases, especially for the formation of thrombotic diseases related to general surgery or orthopedics. It can also be used to treat existing deep vein embolism with or without pulmonary embolism. In addition, it can be used in combination with aspirin for the treatment of unstable angina pectoris and non-Q-wave myocardial infarction, and can prevent thrombosis during cardiopulmonary bypass in hemodialysis.

  In terms of use, enoxaparin sodium is administered by subcutaneous injection, and there will be some differences in the way of administration for different diseases. The specific usage should be consulted with relevant instructors in detail. However, when patients are used for subcutaneous injection, attention should be paid to the dosage of this product, which should be adjusted according to the patient's weight. The excess should be discharged before injection, and bubbles should appear in the front row of injection. The patient should be injected lying flat, alternating between the anterolateral or posterolateral subcutaneous tissue of the left and right abdominal walls. During injection, the needle should be inserted vertically into the skin without forming an Angle, and the needle should be completely immersed into the skin crease before injection.

  The above is all the introduction of the correct injection method of enoxaparin sodium by Kowloon Pharmaceutical. It is hoped that patients can correctly apply any drug or use it under the guidance of relevant doctors, so as to better play the effect of the drug and enable patients to recover health more quickly.