The effect of enoxaparin sodium

  The specific effects of enoxaparin sodium are as follows:

  1 Enoxaparin sodium is good at preventing venous thromboembolic diseases, especially for thromboembolism caused by surgical operation;

  2. It can treat acute deep vein thrombosis, and has obvious therapeutic effect on deep vein embolism with or without pulmonary embolism;

  3. After hemodialysis or hemofiltration, enoxaparin sodium injection can effectively prevent thrombosis, promote blood circulation and prevent blood clotting;

The effect of enoxaparin sodium

  4. Habitual abortion can be treated because lupus antibody positive is attracted;

  5. When used with enteric-coated aspirin, it can treat unstable angina pectoris and non-Q-wave myocardial infarction;

  6. If used after ivf embryo transfer, it has a very favorable factor for embryo implantation, and is one of the fetal protection drugs commonly used by doctors.