heparin sodium how long it will take to protect the fetus

  How long does enoxaparin sodium protect foetus play, should decide according to pregnant woman body condition. It is generally suitable for hypercoagulants with dimer level higher than normal. At the beginning of treatment, d-dimers, APTT, and platelets should be re-examined every 3-4 weeks. If no significant changes are found after two reexaminations, reexaminations should be conducted every 4-6 weeks thereafter. D- dimer decreased to normal or APTT lengthened 1.5 times. Clotting and fibrinolysis markers are checked again 4-6 weeks after discontinuation, and can be reapplied if there is any abnormality to maintain the pregnancy.

heparin sodium how long it will take to protect the fetus

  Cause analysis,

  Enoxaparin sodium is primarily used to prevent venous thromboembolic disease, but it is also commonly used in obstetric care for fetal preservation. Especially for pregnant women with platelet aggregation or poor uterine blood circulation, who had a history of placental abortion with unknown causes, enoxaparin sodium can be used to improve blood circulation in the uterine placenta, thus playing the role of protecting the fetus.

  Measures suggested

  This drug may affect clotting, so check for clotting during medication.