What is chondroitin sulfate

  Chondroitin sulfate (Chondroitin sulfate), is an animal cartilage after pretreatment (removal of muscle and fat), alkali extraction, after meet GB2760 enzymes digestion, decoloring, precipitation, refining, drying, crushing of sulfating chain glycosaminoglycan, mainly composed of N - acetyl galactosamine (2 - acetamide - 2 - deoxidation - beta - D - pyran galactose) and D - glucuronic acid composition, as health food raw materials mainly exists in the form of sodium salt.

  In China, chondroitin sulfate and sodium chondroitin sulfate from pig cartilage recorded in the pharmacopoeia of the People's Republic of China have been used in the field of health food and medicine for many years.

  Abroad, chondroitin sulfate has been used safely in the United States as a dietary supplement ingredient for many years since 2003. The sources of chondroitin sulfate sodium listed in the "dietary supplement" section of the United States pharmacopoeia are terrestrial and shark sources. The sources of chondroitin sulfate in the European pharmacopoeia are terrestrial and Marine. Chondroitin sulfate sodium used in the United States and the European Union is basically similar to the raw material source and preparation process in China.

  The raw material "chondroitin sulfate" should be standardized as "chondroitin sulfate sodium". The source of raw materials should be specified in the quality requirements of raw materials. The chondroitin sulfate sodium from pig cartilage should comply with the provisions of Chinese pharmacopoeia. In addition to specific rotation, chondroitin sulfate sodium from other animal cartilage sources should refer to the quality control requirements of the Chinese pharmacopoeia.