The method of subcutaneous injection of heparin sodium

  1. Explain and communicate with the patient before injection, massage the local skin for 2min, ask the patient to take the supine flexion position or sitting position, disinfect the local skin, and ask the patient to lift the abdominal skin to form wrinkles.

  2. Pull out the needle cap at a vertical Angle, face the needle downward, and air will bounce to the top of the medicine solution without exhaust.

  3. Lift the abdominal wall skin with the left thumb and index finger 5cm-6cm to form folds; hold the needle with the right hand as a pen, and fix the needle into the needle vertically (the depth of injection is determined by the patient's weight), then push the injection rod to the bottom of the syringe.

  4. After the injection, stay for 10s, gently press the puncture site with a cotton swab, pull out the syringe vertically, and keep pushing the syringe by hand. Ask the patient to keep pinching the skin.

  Note: after the injection, stay for 10s and then pull out the needle can make the liquid basically spread, the subcutaneous tissue can fully absorb the residual liquid in front of the needle, and avoid the drug liquid reflux and stimulate subcutaneous capillary to cause bleeding.