What should be done during low molecular weight heparin injection to reduce these possible adverse reactions

  1. Massage the skin for 2 minutes before operation to make the skin red and accelerate blood circulation at the injection site. Promote telangiectasia, promote drug absorption, make local drug concentration as soon as possible to reduce the incidence of subcutaneous bleeding. At the same time can increase the comfort of the patient, reduce the patient's nervous psychology!

  2. Site selection: the abdomen, the lower border of the deltoid of the upper arm, and the abdomen are the preferred sites for subcutaneous injection of LMWH.

  Abdominal subcutaneous injection of low-molecular-weight heparin sodium adopts supine bended position: patients with abundant subcutaneous tissue, relatively large injection range, supine bended position easy to relax the abdominal wall muscle, so that it forms wrinkles, is the capillary relaxation and flexion, not easy to damage, reduce the occurrence of subcutaneous bleeding.

  Methods: select periumbilical U shape, area, under the navel 5 CMP. About 10 cm (except the umbilical week 1 cm), each time interval injection in turn according to the order twice injection point distance above 2 cm, left, to avoid injury, induration and scar left thumb and forefinger knead dead skin forms folds, and maintain and finished injection and relax skin, right hand holding syringe clingy vertical needle into the skin, fat injection depth, according to the patients in general for the length of the needle 1/2 ~ 2/3, sure no slow injection after 30 s.

  Lower edge injection of the deltoid muscle of the upper arm: the patient was placed in a comfortable position, and the needle was inserted rapidly from the inclined surface of the needle upwards to the skin at a depth of 30° ~ 40 °. The depth was 1/2~2/3.

  3, generally do not exhaust before injection, one is to ensure that the use of liquid medicine is complete, accurate dose, ensure the efficacy; 2. It can effectively reduce the appearance of ecchymosis at the injection site. Inside the syringe injection, a small amount of air to the syringe, handheld needle, rapid Pierce, avoid excessive force, injection too deep, it is beautiful deep fat layer, and fixed injection needles, withdrawing without h. slow injection solution, finally left the little push air to avoid residual liquid in the needle, pull out the needle in order to avoid out of the solution, should press the piston. Effective communication with the patient during the injection to divert attention can relieve the pain caused by the injection of less liquid

  4. Needle withdrawal: vertical needle withdrawal after 10s after injection. Pay attention to the original needle into the needle Angle, pay attention to the gentle action, to avoid damage to capillary tissue.

  5, press: press for 5~10 minutes, the pressure of the skin does not sag or slightly sag, the depth of no more than 1cm is appropriate. Avoid injecting patients with abdominal belt, belt.

  6. Observe the pain at the injection site after the injection. Be careful not to rub and apply hot compress. Strictly observe the skin condition at the injection site within 12~24h, and observe the patient's overall condition during the use period, such as the color of stool, characteristics, whether there is gingival, nasal wing bleeding and so on! If the abdominal indentation, ecchyma >2cm, and obvious pain should be alert to the occurrence of bleeding. If subcutaneous hemorrhage forms the ecchymosis of 2cm*3cm, at this time the patient appropriately reduces the activity, gives the cold compress, in order to reduce the amount of bleeding and reduce the peripheral nerve sensitivity, reduces the pain!