Low molecular weight heparin sodium injection method, you get?

  Low molecular weight heparin sodium is a new type of anti-blood suppository, it is broken down by ordinary heparin strong hua hua and become, with heparin to think than, have bioavailability is high, half decrescent has long, antithrombotic effect is strong, haemorrhage danger is small, adverse reaction is little and need not test detection. Clinically, it is mainly used for the treatment of unstable angina pectoris and non-q-wave infarction. Prevention of surgically related thrombosis.

  In the use of low molecular weight heparin sodium easy to cause pain, injection site subcutaneous hematoma, induration, abdominal wall hematoma! Anxiety and fear to patients and their families may also affect the absorption of drugs, which has always reduced the therapeutic effect. The occurrence of these reasons is related to the injection site, too shallow injection, too fast injection of drugs, needle extraction method, drug residue and pressure time and force.