What is the correct preparation method of heparin sodium??

  The correct method is 100ml plus half.

  The concentration of the drug depends on the specific environment.

  The clinical application of heparin is generally static injection or intramuscular injection: 0.5 to 10 thousand units per time, 4 to 12 hours per time. Static drip: add 5% glucose water or normal saline to 10 ~ 20 units every 24 hours, 20 ~ 50 drops per minute.

  Heparin sodium injection with high Ⅹ a (. I. 100 U/mg) activity and low resistance Ⅱ a or antithrombin (28 i. U. / mg) activity of low molecular heparin. Heparin injection does not extend bleeding time at the dose required for different indications.