Usage and dosage of enoxaparin sodium.

  In general, patients are generally don't have to worry about less than in accordance with the master how heparin sodium injection, because the drugs have clear mark on the manual of the correct injection method, and the patient before use in accordance with the carnot heparin, doctors will be detailed to patients informed in accordance with the usage and dosage of heparin sodium, convenience for the patients better.

  Enoxaparin sodium is a subcutaneous injection drug

  Proper use method: subcutaneous injection. Before injection, excessive enoxaparin sodium should be removed from the syringe to prevent bubbles in the syringe.

  Dose interpretation: every milliliter of enoxaparin sodium injection contains 10,000 Axa IU, which is equivalent to 100mg of low molecular weight heparin sodium.

  Specific dosage: if 150Axa IU/kg is injected once a day, it is good to give it once; if 100 Axa IU/kg is injected once, then it needs to be injected twice.

  Wrong use: intramuscular injection is prohibited.