Enoxaparin sodium review.

  Enoxaparin sodium ACTS in much the same way as LMWH, but it should be noted that the efficacy of various LMWH is different. Currently, multi-center trials only confirm that enoxaparin is more effective than ordinary heparin in the treatment of acute coronary syndrome, and there is no difference between the efficacy of paroxetine and dheparin. The LMWH agent enoxaparin is very expensive, which limits its wide clinical use. In accordance with heparin sodium for low molecular weight heparin, its molecular weight between 3500 ~ 5500, factor can make the first Ⅹ anticoagulant a dynamic/anticoagulant first Ⅱ factor energy ratio greater than 4 a. Animal studies have shown that enoxaparin sodium has a strong antithrombotic effect, but has a minimal tendency to cause bleeding. Enoxaparin sodium can still dissolve thrombus, and has a lasting antithrombotic effect on human body. It is suitable for the preventive treatment of venous thrombosis after plastic surgery and general surgery. Hemodialysis prevents clotting during extracorporeal circulation