Special notes for syringe treatment

  Follow standard usage.

  [u] the following is standard operation: [/u]

  The needle safety kit is a plastic needle "receptacle" that attaches securely to the syringe. The two components combine to make a needle safety kit. It is designed to help medical personnel perform proper injection procedures to prevent accidental needle injury.

  During the use of the needle safety kit, the user needs to take specific steps to "start" the needle safety kit so as to prevent accidental injury to the human body after the injection.

  The needle safety kit is attached to the syringe barrel, and the plastic part (the receiver) is parallel to the needle/sleeve and extends to the tip of the needle sleeve.

  Remove the needle from the patient. Place the plastic storage container on a stable hard surface, press the needle into the plastic storage container with one hand, and lift the cylinder upward until the needle is locked in the storage container (click when the needle is locked in the storage container). Continue to break the needle cylinder more than 45° resulting in complete destruction of the needle.