Experts comment on heparin sodium

  Of heparin sodium for pig mucosa of low weight heparin, average molecular weight of 4000 ~ 6000, as a new generation of antithrombotic drugs resistant, has obvious function of resisting thrombosis, especially the first Ⅹ anticoagulant function of a factor is very strong, but anticoagulation, antithrombin action is extremely weak. There was no significant change in total coagulation or prolongation of bleeding time at conventional doses. Compared with conventional heparin, dheparin sodium has high bioavailability (90%), long action time (24h) and stable antithrombotic effect. Dextroheparin sodium is obtained by depolymerization or enzyme action of ordinary heparin, which has the advantages that ordinary heparin does not have. Recent studies have shown that heparin is more effective than ordinary heparin. It is easy to use and relatively safe, and can be used outside the hospital.