Enoxaparin sodium related questions

  Q: what's the difference between enoxaparin sodium and LMWH sodium?

  A: enoxaparin sodium injection is mainly composed of low molecular weight heparin sodium. Generally, there is no difference.

  Q: what are the effects of enoxaparin on pregnant women?

  A: according to relevant data show that the women during pregnancy thrombotic disease is three to four times that of the ordinary, so in accordance with heparin in addition to promoting uterine blood circulation, help the effect of embryo implantation, there are some is to help women reduce the probability of thrombosis induced, but according to novartis heparin sodium for pregnant women need to be careful, need according to the dose used.

  Q: does enoxaparin sodium during early pregnancy affect the fetus?

  A: from A normal point of view, it is not recommended to randomly use enoxaparin during pregnancy. Enoxaparin sodium is the same as enoxaparin sodium, because it is not known whether it will cause fetal abortion or deformity. If enoxaparin sodium injection is used, it must be used under the supervision of the doctor, and the prenatal examination should be done regularly.