Side effects of enoxaparin sodium

  The efficacy of enoxaparin sodium is reasonable, but it also has a lot of side effects. Currently, enoxaparin sodium is not unique to patients with side effects, so patients need to be clear about the side effects of enoxaparin sodium, so as to take timely measures once similar symptoms occur.

  Side effects of enoxaparin include skin allergies

  The side effects of enoxaparin sodium can be seen in the instruction manual and can also be seen in the rigorous clinical monitoring, as follows:

  1. Common side effects: petechiae at the injection site, hematoma at the wound site, gastrointestinal bleeding, bleeding during urination, nosebleed, etc., and serious thromboembolic complications may occur;

  2 rare side effects: thrombocytopenia or increased platelet, allergy, among which the common allergic phenomenon mainly manifested in urticaria, pruritus, erythema, but also rare bullous dermatitis;

  3 rare side effects: there may be side effects such as skin vasculitis and skin necrosis, which are usually manifested as pain, purpura and erythema at the injection site, and there may also be inflammatory nodules at the injection site.